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Divorce/Matrimonial Mediation


We Focus on the Fix, Not the Fight

Though some divorces are a nightmare, not all marriages end in unadulterated animosity. But many ex-spouses do feel hurt, disdain, fear and frustration when attempting to resolve post-marital issues to move family members forward.


Increasingly, couples find that divorcing under mutually beneficial conditions allows them to establish solutions for coexisting, co-parenting and closure. Many have discovered a proven way to constructively settle divorce disputes using professional mediation. 


By mediating contentious problems evolving from failed marriages, ex-spouses can find transformative ground to civilly resolve important issues in the best interest of everyone involved.


Family mediation can open doors to stronger communication, transparency and mutual respect across relationships. With a child-centered focus, family mediation helps parents plan for the future, rather than wallow in the past.


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