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Parenting Schedule

Image by Kelly Sikkema

We Focus on the Fix, Not the Fight


Conflicts around schedules, logistics and overall caretaking arrangements often leave parents at an impasse. Professional mediators offer strategies to coordinate opposing schedules, and guide parents to mutually acceptable arrangements for regular exchanges, school breaks, holidays and vacations.


As the movement toward joint physical custody gains ground in divorce cases, 50/50 shared custody arrangements are increasingly common. And with the expansion of father’s rights upending traditional norms of mothers as primary physical custodians, the need for creating child-centered scheduling solutions is growing accordingly.


Focusing on the developing stages of each impacted child is critical to the co-parenting planning process. We customize parenting schedules based on the child's ages:

  • Very young children

  • Elementary-aged children

  • Middle school children

  • High school children

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