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Child Support

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

We Focus on the Fix, Not the Fight


Parents can protect children from the harshest repercussions of divorce is by making adequate provisions for their financial well-being. Child support orders were designed by courts to come as close as possible in maintaining a child’s existing standard of living.


After divorce, the non-custodial parent is often designated to make child support payments to the custodial parent. Mediating an appropriate monthly payment requires both parties to remain keenly focused on the child’s needs—rather than fixating a win/lose paradigm that short changes minors who are caught in the middle.


Generally, child support payments are intended for expenses incurred by children, relating to:


  • Basic necessities - food, clothing and shelter

  • Medical care - health insurance premiums or ancillary out-of-pocket medical costs

  • Childcare - daycare, nanny and babysitting arrangements

  • Education - educational fees including lunches, field trips, tuition, transportation, books, uniforms and tutors

  • Entertainment & extra-curricular activities - Children are entitled to have fun!


Allocating money from child support payments to fund a child’s social and creative development are dollars well spent.

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