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We Focus on the Fix, Not the Fight


When the courts make a determination on your alimony, you lose all control of the decision it renders. With a professional mediator, you preserve control—which is a powerful incentive to compromise.


Mediating alimony settlements is not for the faint of heart. As one of the most contentious subjects arising from divorce, alimony disputes require the highest levels of mediation skills and resolve in guiding parties to common ground. When pitting one ex-spouse's means against the other’s needs, mediators can expect anything from uneasy reluctance to outright defiance, and everything in between.


Alimony can be paid by husbands or wives, depending on which partner is most likely to experience post-divorce financial setbacks, as compared to the standard of living maintained during the marriage.


When considering need, duration and amount in an alimony case, we evaluate several factors, including:

  • Length of the marriage

  • Health status and ages

  • Differential in incomes based on current earnings

  • Future earning potential based on education, background and experience

  • Current standard of living and potential hardships

  • Property, assets and debts acquired jointly and separately

  • Career sacrifices made by one spouse in support of the other’s career

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