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Community Conflict

Image by Jonathan Harrison

We Focus on the Fix, Not the Fight


Members of tight-knit communities look after each other, and are a force to be reckoned with when their way of living is threatened. Mediation can help resolve disputes between community members, as well as disputes involving commercial and political influencers.


When community members find themselves at odds, mediation can help focus disputing parties on fixing, rather than fighting over, high-conflict issues that often lead to litigation.


Mediating community-based conflict allows for the full and respectful airing of differences, while resolving disagreements in ways that strengthen the community at large.


Examples of community-based conflicts include:

  • Dispute between neighbors over parking, obstructed views, property lines or barking dogs

  • Dispute with local government involving advocacy groups or concerned citizens who oppose public policies that undermine shared goals and interests

  • Dispute between parents and school district over failure to adequately deliver early intervention services to disabled students

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